• 1.5”- 2”
• ANSI 150#
• 2” – 12”
Specialty Coatings
by Request
• Excellent Abrasion Resistance • Thermal Spray Coatings • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
Advantages • Random seating of the ball
• Vertical or horizontal installation
• Floating balls available for unique installations
• Efficient operation even under small pressure differences
• Ball is slightly heavier than water
Lightweight = easy installation and economical shipping
• Non – Clog / Non – Plug
• Self-cleaning
• Maintenance free under normal conditions

Ball Check Valves

HDL® Ball Check Valves offer great operational reliability because of their construction and working principle.  

The principle of these valves is a freely moving ball mounted in a valve housing in such a way that return flow is effectively prevented.

HDL ball check valves feature a clear waterway and low head loss to maximize efficient utilization of pump capacity. Random seating of the ball, on closing, ensures long life. Check valves can be installed in both horizontal and vertical positions. Sinking and floating balls are available for different applications.

A check valve with one moving part. Great for difficult abrasive and corrosive solids. No need for back flushing since it is self cleaning. Sizes 2”-12” are stocked in the US for quick shipment!

Standard Features

  • Ductile Iron
  • Buna coated aluminum ball
  • Fusion bonded epoxy coating of valve
  • Pressure rated to 150 PSI
  • Simple bolt on cover for easy inspection and maintenance
  • O Ring seal on cover plate
  • Ball is the only moving part
  • Flange to flange dimensions are to ANSI/ASME B16.10
  • AWWA / AIS compliant
  • Working pressure up to 145 PSI (10 bar)
  • 225 PSI hydrostatic shell test
  • Working temperature up to 176F (80C)

HDL ball check valves are available in sizes 2” to 24” and sizes 12” and under are available for next day shipment. Traditionally HDL ball check valves were the non-return valve of choice for sewage systems, but more customers are finding these simple valves to be the most reliable non return valve for industrial, mining, and many other industries. And of course HDL continues to be a staple in the municipal industry, especially as a non-return valve for sewage lift stations.

Conclusion: A reliable quality product!